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    Engine hour meter work mod.PET 3200R..

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    Engine hour meter work mod.RaceTech..

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    Probe (thermocouple) for the exhaust gas measurementTechnical data:Thermocouple for the temperature of the exhaust gas with the hot junction exposed.- High speed 'in temperature measurement- Teflon coated cable with high elasticity- M5 screwNb: This thermocouple is not comparable with those which are normally used (that have joint not discovered) in that they are very slow to measure changes in temperature so that you see that the temperature varies approximately 4/5 tenths after which the gas i..

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    Main features:Batteryless SolutionTime to "Kill-Off" can be set from 22 to 70 millisecondEasy configuration: time "Kill-Off" adjustment by step of 2 millisecondEasy to install with Plug&Play connectorsWaterproof (not for immersion) and vibration proofFor whom still don't know the quick shifter is the device that allow to upshift without closing the gas and without using the clutch permitting to the driver:Faster gear insertionsBetter vehicle tractionLesser physical stress in the sport drivin..

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