Airbox and inlet silencers for 100cc, TaG , OK

KART & GO sells inlet silencers and airbox of the best brands both for past categories such as 100cc, and for the current TaG and OK

  • 69.99€

    FREE LINE inlet silencer with tube Ø 23 ..

  • 91.50€

    Intake silencer KGAPE 1 with trumpets to 30mm.APE 2 with trumpets to 23mm...

  • 25.50€

    Intake Silencer Righetti  & Ridolfi WRK modelThe one with 23 tubes is only available in red, while the one with 30 tubes is only black.Anti design of modern exhaust silencers is still used both on karts and in other motorsport areas.Inside it does not contain any type of filter..

  • 68.99€

    K 23 mod. inlet silencer KG with tube Ø 23 ..

  • 75.00€

    NOX2 intake silencer with Ø23 tubesSuitable for all single speed categoriesThe filter panel used for the NOX2 intake silencer is made of polyester and can be cleaned with solvents, petrol and compressed air.Filtering of any impurities greater than 10µm.The new lamellar barrier, located in the lower part of the filter, was inserted to modify the air flow and reduce turbulence in the intake chamber.Also new are the suction trumpets, with an improved and more performing venturi section.- CIK / FIA ..

  • 27.45€

    Socorem intake filter for 100cc reed valve ..

  • Special Offer
    108.06€ 99.00€

    KG Nitro intake silencer with trumpets to 23mm for OK / OK-JUONIOR or to 30mm for KZ1-KZ2Homologation CIK-FIA  N. 7-SA-24 e N. 8-SA-24  2016-2024Is supplied with transparent shield rain protection..

  • 94.99€

    Intake silencer Model ACTIVE New available in Red with nozzles Black - Homologation CIK / FIA 27 / SA / 24..

  • 260.00€

    New KG POWER airbox. This product is the result of the most advanced fluidodynamics research giving you now the best performance for your kart engine while at the same time being in full compliance to strict CIK-FIA regulations on sound absorption and dusts filtering.The flow dynamic has been dramatically improved with a new airbox design and a new rubber boot to the carburetor.A very fruitful collaboration between KG and SPRINT FILTER made possible the design and production of a brand new filte..

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