Spray oils Chain

Kart Spray oils Chain

  • 12.20€

    Catenoil special chain lubricant 500ml..

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    15.00€ 7.50€

    CHAIN LUBE MOTUL C4 FLWhite coloured lubricant for racing Kart and motorcycle chains: speed and endurance. Based on solid additives AW / EP .400 ml spray..

  • 15.40€

    Synthetic chain spray XPS 500mlis an advanced chain spray with long-life properties, based on ceramic material. This unique material, originally developed for use in space flight, has now been given a revolutionary application by XPS® KART TEC. XPS® KART TEC SYNTHETIC CHAIN SPRAY is composed of synthetic elements, enriched with ceramic material and special additives that result in a unique lubrication. XPS® KART TEC SYNTHETIC CHAIN SPRAY does not dry-out, it keeps the chain flexible and is heat-..

  • 11.80€

    White chain spray XPS 500mlBased on high-tech ceramic material for optimal and long-term lubrication and protection under all circumstances. Great adhesive qualities, superb penetration, corrosion resistance, reduces wear and friction, keeps the chain flexible and is heat resistant. O-ring tested!..

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