Pedal accessories

  • 4.66€

    10mm stud bolt for pedal ..

  • 4.66€

    8mm stud bolt for pedal..

  • 0.70€

    Diameter 10,5 - Lenght 57mm..

  • 60.00€

    These 2 bars allow you to position the pedals at the level of the floortray and then advance the pedals between 10 and 15 cm compared to the original fixing.They are fixed on the point of origin of the pedal. To have several fixing points that will allow you to adjust your position.Grey anodizedSuitable for all frames, from minikart to cadets.Sold in pairs...

  • 37.00€

    Pair of cylindrical aluminium extenders for pedals.The extension of pedal will allow you to bring the pedal closer up to 3 cm.The fixing on the standard pedal takes place by means of 2 grub screws...

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