Seats and seat accessories

Kart&Go distributes the entire range of IMAF and Jecko seats, including and beyond: upholstered seats, fiberglass seats, PVC seats, resin seats, carbon fiber seats, support brackets, weights, seat supports, seat padding, kits seat assembly, seat sponge kit, seat reinforcement washers, seat supports.
  • 195.20€

    Unlike the basic model FA-Silver, the "CLOSEDGE" is differentiated by the closure of the edge perimeter and its filling in order to create a frame structure with the aim of improving the functionality and attitude of the kart.The filling by injection of the edge determines the damping of the vibrations optimizing the comfort and safety of the rider.The enveloping shape of the seat starts with a thorough study of ergonomics and extremely high stresses while driving modern karts.N.b .: Depending o..

  • 152.50€

    The FA-SILVER seat is proposed in the variant without a closed edge, which results in a softer, lighter product suitable for all conditionsN.b .: Depending on the size changes the weight of the seatRegarding the sizes, if it can be of help in the choice; a person about 1.84m tall. with chest of 105cm and pants size (EU 48/50) (UK/USA 32/34)  uses a size C7...

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