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  • 185.00€

    The "VEGA BIANCA" has been synonymous with excellence for years, representing the reference point for karting tires.It is therefore normal to expect the maximum from the new 2020-2022 version, which is now called XM3 CIK PRIME *XM3 will not disappoint your expectations: it is once again a tire that does not compromise. Maximum grip, constant performance, optimal wear resistance level and increased driving pleasure, with its "binary" effect, which improves lap after lap.It is the perfect tire for..

  • 185.00€

    The latest VEGA "HARD" tire approved by the CIK FIA for the period 2020-2022The "grip" performance has been significantly improved compared to the XH2 CIK Option. The new "GREEN" XH3 CIK Option benefits from faster warm-up times and improved progressiveness in corners. This tire continues to offer an extreme level of resistance (250 km in all track conditions, as certified by the latest CIK-FIA tests on the track).The new carcass combined with the new high-tech tread will offer better sensitivit..

  • 185.00€

    VEGA W6 .... The latest VEGA "rain" tire approved by the CIK FIA for the period 2020-2022.The new VEGA WET tread compound has been specially designed and developed to widen the window of use of the tire in order to offer maximum grip in all rain and temperature conditions.The mission of W6? ... Ensure the SAFETY and FUN of the pilot who competes in any wet track condition: both with a wet track that tends to dry out and in case of pouring rain.SPECIFICATIONS:Front size: 10 × 4.20-5Post size: 11 ..

  • 95.00€

    VEGA SL10 Full setWeight of tyre set: 4,030Kg..

  • 160.00€

    VEGA's first CIK FIA approved "rain" tire for Group 3 "MINI"WM1 is the natural replacement for the M1 CIK Mini tire on wet tracks.The new compound of the VEGA WM1 tread and the design of its tread have been specially designed to guarantee the SAFETY and FUN of the youngest drivers, in all wet track conditions: both with a wet track that tends to dry out, and in case of driving rain .SPECIFICATIONS:Front size: 10 × 4.00-5Post size: 11 × 5.00-5Press. Sugg.[± 0.2] BAR / PSI: Ant. 1/13 - Post. 1/13M..

  • 135.00€

    Initially designed for the North American market, the SL3 "Blue" (NordAm) has tested so well that it deserves to become the future successor of our very successful SL5 tire. Our new style SL3 type tyre is highly respected because it maintains high performance with great consistency and above all, it shows minimal lap time difference between new and used tires. The SL3 is easy to set-up for every condition at the track regardless of the air temperature. Its medium-hard compound combined with a ne..

  • 140.00€

    Tyres VEGA SL4 RED Full setThe latest addition to the Vega SL series, the "red" SL4 soon became the reference as a perfect tyre to use in National categories, whether they are 125 shifter or direct drive. SL4 is in fact perfectly balanced and easy to drive for drivers of all levels of experience. The Red ensures minimum distances of more than 300km in all track conditions, maintaining unbelievable grip for all the duration of the tyre depth.SpecificationsFront size:10x4.60-5Rear size:11x7.1..

  • 146.40€

    Tyres VEGA SL6 GREEN Full setStarting today, all long life tyres have a new point of reference. Taking the advantage of our "white" XS manufacturing technology, we have constructed the perfect tyre for the semi-professional and amateur categories. The SL6 will allow you, for the full depth of the tread, to obtain lap times consistently fast, without the need to have the physical preparation of a professional driver.SpecificationsFront size:10x4.60-5Rear size:11x7.10-5Hardness IRHD [+/-3]:Font 56..

  • 113.95€

    Tyres VEGA CA CADETTI Full setMany years after its initial appearance it is the most modern "narrow" tyre in the world. It has been adopted by many federations as the sole tyre in their national classes and has always satisfied those who use it. Easy to use, unchanging in performance and inexpensive it is suitable for use in the promotional classes.SpecificationsFront size:10x4.00-5Rear size:11x5.00-5Hardness IRHD [+/-3]:Font 69 - Rear 69Max Speed:150 km/h - 90mphWeight kg [+/- 5%]:Front 0,780 -..

  • 150.00€

    VEGA's new M1 - CIK Mini is designed to support drivers in the most important races.After the legendary "Cadets", the "MINI" and the "SL10" used in international categories, VEGA presents M1.This tire was developed in accordance with the requirements of the CIK FIA to have a "Hard" tire for the "Mini" categories and classes.Its new combination of compound and carcass, derived from the most advanced technologies for competition tires, does not compromise: grip, resistance, driving pleasure and sa..

  • 113.95€

    MINI Full set"MINI" is the natural evolution of the tyre "Cadetti". More modern design, compound and carcass slightly improved in performance.SpecificationsFront size:10x4.00-5Rear size:11x5.00-5Hardness IRHD [+/-5]:Font 60 - Rear 60Max Speed:150 km/h - 90mphWeight kg [+/- 10%]:Front 0,780 - Rear 1,205..

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