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Brand: VEGA
Product Code: RKD VEGA XM3

The "VEGA BIANCA" has been synonymous with excellence for years, representing the reference point for karting tires.

It is therefore normal to expect the maximum from the new 2020-2022 version, which is now called XM3 CIK PRIME *

XM3 will not disappoint your expectations: it is once again a tire that does not compromise. Maximum grip, constant performance, optimal wear resistance level and increased driving pleasure, with its "binary" effect, which improves lap after lap.

It is the perfect tire for those who want to get maximum performance from their vehicle.
The result of a two-year development with the best drivers in the world, its new carcass is suitable for all karts whether it is gearbox or direct transmission. The new tread developed with cutting edge technology will allow faster lap times, lap after lap.

Front size: 10 × 4.60-5
Post size: 11 × 7.10-5
Press. Sugg.
[± 0.2] BAR / PSI: Ant. 0.55 / 8.0 - Post. 0.55 / 8.0
Max speed: 180 km / h - 112 mph
Weight kg [± 10%]: Ant. 1,200 - Post. 1,650